9 Italian Restaurants that will make you feel like you're celebrating Easter in Italy

Easter Italian Lunch

In Italy we say “Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi”, which literally translated means “celebrate Christmas with the family and Easter with whoever you feel like”.

No matter who we decide to spend our Easter with, there is a constant feature that unifies us all in the celebration of every holiday: food.

This is particularly true in Italy, where Grandmas become the key players in the preparation and execution of the Easter lunch.

From North to South, the variety of traditional dishes produced in the Italian kitchen for this festive Sunday is impressive. The main ingredients are lamb and eggs, and their applications are endless.

Desserts are a fundamental part of the meal, when kids unwrap their chocolate eggs and adults share a slice of the typical “Colomba”, aka Easter Dove Cake (if you feel like your cooking level is “Grandma”, you can try do it yourself following this recipe)

If you are lucky enough to have an Italian friend hosting an Easter lunch, we strongly recommend you to attend (and try to fast the day before, things are going to get pretty tough!).

If you are planning to spend the day with family or friends, and you are considering going out for a celebratory brunch, we might just have what you are looking for.

We put together a list of authentic Italian restaurants that are stepping their game up for Easter brunch, providing a very special menu featuring some of the most traditional holiday dishes.

Here’s our special selection.

Buona Pasqua!



Celebrate Easter with authentic food from the Sardinia region. Spiaggia created a special 4 course fixed menu inspired by the flavors of the Italian Island.



For this festive Sunday, chef Bruno Abate created a special á la carte menu featuring traditional Italian dishes with a contemporary spark



In line with the Italian tradition, Chef Massimo Campagnini will be preparing dishes featuring one of the main ingredients of the Italian Easter tradition: lamb.



Special menu from Riccardo trattoria will feature an abundance of Easter recipes, meticulously chosen and prepared by Riccardo Michi, the owner and chef.


Coda DI Volpe.jpg

Inspired by the Southern Italian tradition, the special Easter brunch menu at Coda di Volpe has a dish for every taste. For hardcore Italian food lovers we recommend the Rabbit Benedetto!


Siena Tavern .jpg

The special holiday brunch menu, curated by Chef Fabio Viviani, includes Lobster Omelet and the Ricotta & Nduja Bruschetta. Spotlight on the dessert: the Olive Oil cake with blueberry sorbet.



If you are planning to celebrate Easter with late lunch/early dinner, Sofi is the place for you. The restaurant will open at 4pm and have a special á la carte menu.



RPM’s signature dinner menu will be available to enjoy throughout the day, so why not opt for decadent house specialties to celebrate Easter?



Feel like celebrating Easter in Style? Marchesa Chicago has what you are looking for. Special á la carte menu and unlimited bubbles and bellinis. All of this in a festive Easter Sunday ambience