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The Authentic Italian Table - Mother's Day

  • Ciao Chicago 1656 West Chicago Avenue Chicago, IL, 60622 United States (map)
The Authentic Italian Table.png

Is your idea of an Italian dish truly Italian? You're probably thinking about your weekly spaghetti night or the dish you ordered at the local Italian restaurant... was it actually authentic? Let us answer your questions, ease the confusion, and show your taste buds what it means to be truly Italian. 

Join us for a dive into the most authentic Italian experience that Chicago has to offer.


Italian cuisine is CARE.

And care is what characterizes the most important and authentic figure of the family: mom.

Celebrate mother’s day with an authentic Italian Sunday lunch provided by the most family friendly Italian restaurants in town.


The Authentic Italian Table is a three-day expo presented by the Italian American Chamber of Commerce.

The attending consumers will learn how to identify and use authentic Italian ingredients through the words and the creations of the main representatives, the local restaurants.

Each day of the event is designed to present the different aspects of the Italian cuisine and its universal application to different moment of the consumer’s life.

The Authentic Italian Table’s goal is to connect the city's finest Italian restaurants and supermarkets to YOU. Through cooking classes, tastings, and seminars - you will inherit a new sense of the Italian meaning.